Villa/Apartment Rental vs Hotel Stay in Europe

Villa/Apartment rentals are becoming popular as an alternative form of accommodations when you travel around the world these days. But are they cost effective?

We’ve been lucky enough to stay in all sorts of accommodation over the years from cheap guest houses to five star resorts, and recently had the unique opportunity of staying in both an apartment and a hotel while on holiday.

We thought it would be interesting to to list the reaons why we believe renting a villa or apartment is better than an Hotel.

The Cons of a Hotel Stay in Europe

  • Hotel rooms in Europe are often quite small leaving little room to move around
  • Most hotel rooms in Europe accommodate a maximum of three guests meaning families need to book two (or more) rooms.
  • If breakfast is not included in the room rate it can be very expensive and you can expect to pay at least EUR15 per person
  • Not all hotels in Europe provide tea/coffee making facilities or a fridge
  • All meals must be purchased as there’s no cooking facilities
  • Usually no laundry facilities on-site so you need to pay for external laundry/ironing services
  • Parking can be expensive

The Pros of an Apartment/Villa Stay in Europe

  • Can be more cost effective for families or two couples
  • More space than a hotel room
  • No set times for breakfast
  • A fully-equipped kitchen or kitchenette gives you the freedom to cook your own meals, saving you money
  • ‘Live like a local’ by shopping where the locals shop.
  • Often villas and apartments are rented out directly by their owners (ous are) giving you the opportunity to speak personally with the owner before you arrive. This offers some assurance that the property is legitimate and your money is being paid to a real person

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